173 Haviland Drive | Patterson, N.Y. 12563 | Phone: (845) 278-8111 | Fax (845) 278-8112
Mailing Address: 1511 Route 22 #313 | Brewster, N.Y. 10509

Hours: Open 7 days a week. Appointments preferred.
Walk ins welcome Monday - Friday 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Appointments can be made before or after walk-in hours, Saturday and Sunday.

Please leave us a message or email us for an appointment at admin@iowellness.com

We offer non-surgical and natural alternatives for face, body, hair, health, nutrition and ailments such as:
Weight Loss * Detox * Accelerated Healing * Lyme * Fibromyalgia * RLS * Arthritis * Allergies * Menopause * Cancer
And many more, if you don't see yours listed please inquire.

Haircutting * Ammonia Free & Organic Hair Color * Hair Extensions & Replacement * Permanent Wave * Hair Straightening * Natural & Organic Hair Products * Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion * Tanning * Full Body Waxing * Ionic Foot Baths * Rife (please inquire) * Holistic Ailment Alternatives * Crystals & Gifts * Nutrition * Body Wraps * Massage * Botu - a Safe Natural Botox Alternative * True Cold Laser (please inquire) * Manicures * Pedicures * Facials * Brain Entrainment * Far Infrared Sauna * Mud & Magnesium Baths

Any Salon Service
for new customers.
Limit one per customer.
Not to be combined with any other offers.
All Retail Products.
Limit one per customer. Not to be
combined with any other offers.
for any
Holistic Service.
$100 Value Limit one per customer.

Monday Thru Wednesday
Wash, Cut & Blow Dry $25 * Kids $10 * Teens $15
Seniors, Students, EMS, FD & PD $20
Mani & Pedi Combo $25 * Waxing $5 and up
Tanning $5.00 Or, FREE with purchase of a lotion.

I.O. Wellness is helping to provide non-invasive and non-traditional options for people searching for natural and holistic approach alternatives for illness and ailments such as: arthritis, allergies, addictions, pain, lyme, fibromyalgia, bacterial infection, viral infections, accelerated healing, weight loss, cancer, colds, flu, immune, mental issues, organ issues, sinusitis and so many more. We are constantly striving to keeop our practice and research up to the most current innovations.

I.O. Wellness is a charitable center. We also donate the profits back to the charity portion of I.O. Wellness for people that are unable to afford the services they are looking to try if traditional medicine fails or before taking a course in traditional medicine, all we ask is when you complete your regimen, to donate what you can afford or feel is appropriate back to the center. At I.O. Wellness we believe everyone should have the option to try non-traditional approaches even if money is a major concern. We understand that insurance companies recognize traditional medicine, some which may cover holistic approaches, which is why we offer insurance plans from the center to fit your needs. I.O. Wellness is also seeking contributions and donations to help assist any persion seeking natural alternatives and a healthier way of living that cannot afford the services that we offer.

Although everything we do here at I.O. Wellness is non-invasive and is as nataral and holistic as possible, some side effects from detoxification may occur. Side effects of detoxification can include: tiredness, shakiness, panic attacks, and withdrawal type feelings. Like detoxing from any addictive drug such as caffeine, nicotine, and narcotics, ridding your body of these toxins can make you have a withdrawal type of effect, so to minimize the side effects of detoxing, drink plenty of water. This flushes the body's system to help rid it of toxins left over from the service you have chosen. Excercise is also helpful because our body has an opportunity to rid itself of toxins by sweating. There is also the option of herbal remedies to help minimize these effects of detoxification.

I.O. Wellness is not a replacement for traditional medicine, but simply an alternative suggestion. It is solely a decision for you and your doctor to make if nontraditional services will benefit you.